My new album "Cheating The Polygraph" was released on Kscope records. Featuring some of my favourite Porcupine Tree songs completely rearranged for modern contemporary big band by the brilliant Laurence Cottle.

Here's the track list:

  • What Happens Now?

  • Sound Of Muzak/So Called Friend

  • The Start Of Something Beautiful

  • Heart Attack In A Layby/The Creator Had A Mastertape/Surfer

  • The Pills I’m Taking (from Anesthetize)

  • Hatesong/Halo

  • Cheating The Polygraph/Mother & Child Divided

  • Futile


Here's my most recent book "Rhythmic Compositions"

Rhythmic Composition documents Gavin’s work with the popular progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. The book includes 20 highly detailed drum transcriptions by Terry Branam and in-depth commentary from Gavin Harrison taking you through the concepts of each song. Included are some of Gavin’s most legendary drum parts, including “Blackest Eyes,” “Trains,” “The Sound of Muzak,” “Futile,” “Halo,” “Anesthetize,” “Nil Recurring,” “Cheating the Polygraph,” and others.

Following an enlightening foreword by drumming legend Neil Peart of Rush, Gavin discusses the drum parts of each song, and often details the recording process and the source of his ideas for the drum parts and songs themselves. Overall, the book provides a fascinating and educational look at the conceptual, creative, and technical sides of Gavin’s drumming.

There are 20 full transcriptions by Terry Branam (of every singe note that I played) on the original Porcupine Tree records of these songs:

  • Blackest Eyes

  • Trains

  • The Sound of Muzak

  • Futile

  • Halo

  • Lazarus

  • Open Car

  • Start of Something Beautiful

  • Mother and Child Divided

  • Anesthetize

  • Way Out of Here

  • Nil Recurring

  • Cheating the Polygraph

  • What Happens Now?

  • Drawing the Line

  • The Incident

  • Octane Twisted

  • Circle of Manias

  • Bonnie the Cat

  • Remember Me Lover