cheating the polygraph

No matter if you’re a Porcupine Tree diehard or someone who’s never even heard of progressive rock, Cheating the Polygraph is an indisputably engrossing, regal, intricate, ambitious, and unpredictable slice of orchestral elegance. Harrison and company have crafted some truly remarkable compositions that any fan of big band inflation and jazzunpredictability will adore; the fact that they subtly yet creatively reference several Porcupine Tree staples in the process is just the ingenious icing on the cake. If you happen to enjoy all of these elements, you’ll praise the LP as a dream cometrue.

Reviewed by Rebel Noise

For me, the band-falling-down-a-spiral-staircase groove of The Pills I’m Taking is a definite highlight – but that does nothing to take away from the masterful musicianship on display throughout every last microsecond of Cheating the Polygraph‘s running time. This eighttrack album took five years to make, and the labours and love that have been poured into its creation are as tangible as they could possibly be when communicated through ones, zeroes, and soundwaves. Unsurprisingly flawless, but also unexpectedly addictive and moreish. (Reviewed by The Musical Melting Pot) does is deceptively simple, obviously complex, and always skillfully executed. He’s as tight as a tick. Both musicians are perfectionists to a fault. This is not easy listening but not in the same way as the RIO and advanced avant garde bands can be. This is just not easy listening due to the fact that you have to really listen and absorb things you have never heard before.

In the sense of production, great tunes (however odd the chord progressions and vocal notes are at times), and melody go, it is still accessible in the progressive arena. It will just take a few listens to digest every detail. It’s a true progressive recording in every way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and then some.

Reviewed by The Musical Melting Pot

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